Be on the Wave of Rapidly Changing PPM Technology

  • Are you concerned about faster moving companies challenging your organization’s competitive positioning?
  • Are you worried that Artificial Intelligence (AI) will obsolete your Project Portfolio Management (PPM) tools?
  • Are you afraid that automation will put you out of a job?

Your peers share these feelings. According to a Projectric poll, almost half of project and portfolio managers think their role might become obsolete in three to five years.

Technology advisor Gartner says that providers in today’s PPM software market are behind in enabling a fully digital program management office (PMO).  AI-enabled PPM has already begun to surface in the market, and the firm predicted in 2019 that 70 percent of organizations will integrate AI to assist employees’ productivity by 2021. I don’t think we’re quite there yet, but we’re headed there.

The doom and gloom gets worse. Gartner predicts that by 2030, 80 percent of the work of today’s project management (PM) discipline will be eliminated as AI takes on traditional Project Manager (PM) functions such as data collection, tracking and reporting. Gartner recommends PMs work hard to overcome barriers to adoption of these fast-growing technologies to ensure that companies don’t get left behind as many firms have been already.

In Gartner’s December 2019 report, Predicts 2020: Barriers Fall as Technology Adoption Grows — A Gartner Trend Insight Report, the firm advises:

  • Prepare for a complete retooling and skills renovation in the next five years
  • Push proof of concept (POC) projects to practical high-value implementations
  • Operationalize digital transformation by using new technologies in both established and new business processes
  • Use these predictions to guide strategic investments in R&D, marketing and demand generation

So what’s a PPM to do?

  • Make sure your PPM software is able to rise with these trends and not get bowled over by the wave of automation and AI
  • Stay current with trends not only in your industry, but across industries
  • Skill up your project and portfolio managers
  • Don’t lock in to huge, cumbersome PPM software for the long term. Choose a smaller, nimbler provider who can ride the wave

Gartner does offer a ray of sunshine. They predict that the market will focus first on providing incremental user experience benefits to individual PM professionals, and later will help them to become better planners and managers.

So we’ve got that to look forward to!

Be on the wave or under it.

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