5 Ways Project Portfolio Management Software Will Make You More Effective

Quick Take:

  • Project Portfolio Management (PPM) software can dramatically enhance the success rate of your organization\’s projects
  • PPM software can forecast the success of your projects, provide your team with a centralized resource that enables visibility and insight, increase collaboration among your team, simplify the top-down management of project plans, and enable you to easily perform hindsight evaluation
  • Projectric provides a top-down, detailed view of your portfolios, programs, and projects in a comprehensive centralized platform

Managing Portfolios

Are you tasked with ensuring the success of your organization\’s portfolio of projects? Do you find that often your projects finish late or over budget? Are you having trouble deciding where to invest your organization\’s time, budget and staff?

If you’re answering yes to any of these questions, it is time to introduce a Project Portfolio Management (PPM) software solution into your organization.

Intuitive and powerful PPM software will help you make sense of your organization’s full portfolio of projects and help ensure your success. With a PPM solution, you can stop guessing and start ensuring your projects are completed on time, within budget, and deliver ROI.

Here are five ways a Project Portfolio Management software will make your more effective in your job:

  1. Forecast the success of your projects—Use customizable project scoring to align, prioritize, and select projects that achieve your organization’s strategic goals. Track workloads by resource and optimize by department or role. Perform what-if scenarios to forecast the outcomes of future projects.
  2. Provide your team with a centralized resource that enables visibility and insight into all project efforts, so you always remain on the same page and never miss a deadline again.
  3. Increase collaboration among your team—Clearly display valuable information via shareable dashboards and charts with customizable views. Use email notifications to instantly inform your team of project updates.
  4. Simplify the top-down management of project plans and issues so you can keep all projects across your portfolios on-time and on budget. Keep track of milestones that are coming due so your team never overlooks a deadline.
  5. Perform hindsight evaluation to assess the success of your efforts against your goals. Understand what types of projects are helping or hurting your bottom line so you can make better future decisions.

Selecting a Project Portfolio Management Solution

PPM solutions provide the visibility, control, and features needed to help your organization better manage projects and resources, and to be better equipped to meet future needs. Investing in a PPM software solution will enable you to meet the demands of your organization by laser focusing on the management of investments that deliver ROI.

At Projectric, we provide a top-down, detailed view of your portfolios, programs, and projects in a centralized platform that delivers transparency across your organization. Using our signature Portfolio Intelligence methodology, you’ll analyze your initiatives throughout the project lifecycle—from proposal to completion.

Our PPM solution will ensure your organization increases the value of the overall portfolio and meets strategic objectives across the enterprise—from IT to Operations to Finance to top management.

Are you ready to better plan and execute on your portfolio of projects? Contact us today at [email protected] or request a live demo.