We are Projectric

A leading project portfolio management solution that organizes project and program data into relevant, actionable information for making business decisions.

About Us

At Projectric, our mission is to make happy teams and successful projects through better business decisions. It’s our goal to cure resource management headaches, simplify reporting, and streamline high-level decision making for project portfolio managers. How do we do this? By ensuring that our project portfolio management software delivers all of the benefits of the PPM process in an easy-to-use solution.
Our team is committed to creating an intuitive and adept tool that your organization is excited to use. We ensure Projectric is up to snuff by continually appraising customer and marketing feedback and making product updates. It’s important to us that our PPM solution delivers on the strategic goal of a shared vision between IT and Finance.
We are a trusted partner for organizations that need to consolidate their portfolio of projects by priority, perform meaningful analysis, forecast outcomes, collaborate in a centralized resource and adapt quickly to changing business needs.

Identify the best projects for your organization.