What is Nimble?

Nimble, Projectric’s latest version, is a disruptor to the traditional project management landscape. It provides users simplicity, visibility, and data-driven analytics to take action.
  • In three clicks or less, empower users to act and make business decisions with data-driven information
  • Transform operational data into meaningful insights and continuously improve the process
  • Help teams measure, drive, and improve overall business performance
  • Simplify the project management process by focusing on ease of access and ensuring all needed information is in a centralized location

Key Features

Main Dashboard

An overview view of all activities and projects in flight.

Project Budget

View financial metrics and track financial performance.

Project Scoring

Proprietary tool that helps companies prioritize projects.

Custom Reporting

Ability to display perform metrics.

Project Dashboard

A snapshot into specific metric that drive project results.

Time Sheet

Provide time entry capabilities


Provides visibility into a resources availability, utilization and projects they are assigned too.

Multiple Task Views

View progress of tasks in a List, Board (kanban), Tree (tasks organized under milestones), or Gantt Chart


Manage the addition and removal of people within an organization’s project task force--track roles, key skills, experience level, and more

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