DeVry University provides rigorous, career-oriented undergraduate and graduate degree programs in technology, business and management. About 53,000 DeVry students access programs through a North American system of 78 locations and online.

DeVry needed a Project Portfolio Management solution that offered a complete view of all projects and a methodology for selecting and managing the right projects.  Read on to see why DeVry selected Projectric in their new Project Management Office to better prioritize, balance and manage their portfolio of projects.

Results From The Projectric Solution

Devry required stronger alignment of projects to business value and improved utilization of resources through better organization, control and communication within the organization.

“Projectric provides DeVry with extremely professional and helpful customer support. Projectric employees have attended staff meetings with our teams, helped with training, and go out of their way to assist us. Projectric recognizes that each customer’s implementation is unique and is committed to helping DeVry use the software to its fullest capabilities,” says Bob Kropidoski IT Director, Business Technology DeVry Inc.

Linking IT Projects to Business Value

The DeVry University Project Management Office (PMO) had three business goals when selecting software to better manage the growing wave of project requests:

  1. Work on the right, important projects for the business by better tying technology projects to business value
  2. Better measurement and achievement of Return on Investment (ROI) for projects 3. More effective use of the PMO and project team resources

The company is now successfully using Projectric to manage application development projects and will next add IT infrastructure projects.

Easy to Organize, Control, & Communicate

Projectric provides DeVry the ability to organize all of their project information and consolidate it in one place. When questions arise, the dashboard gives management a good, concise view of what is going on in the department. Information is now easily accessible through Projectric lists and graphs.

DeVry has better control over their project process through Projectric’s built-in methodology and decision support tools. DeVry’s use of Projectric scoring is allowing them to choose the right projects based on business value and simultaneously gain buy-in for projects from the rest of the organization.

Projectric is providing DeVry with a platform for better communication. Project progress is more visible and project health is easily monitored through automated indicators. Projectric’s flexible reporting capabilities allow portfolio managers to quickly create custom reports that can be shared with sponsors and executives.

Integrated Methodology, Quick Implementation and Affordability

For DeVry, several major factors set Projectric apart from its competition and the software has delivered as promised.

  • The easy to use methodology provides decision makers a high level view of all projects so that the right projects are selected, resources are appropriately used, and progress is effectively monitored.
  • The implementation was quick, easy, and cost-effective. There was a very short learning curve as users rapidly applied the methodology.
  • The on-demand delivery model made Projectric affordable and a lower risk alternative. It allowed DeVry to pay only for what they needed, when they needed it.

“Projectric is easy to use and very intuitive. Users were able to come up to speed quickly and resistance to change was very low. It is allowing us to use our leadership skills and bring more business value to the company,” offers Jim Ritchey Interim CIO DeVry Inc.

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