Messer Construction Company, headquartered in Cincinnati, OH, has continuously operated since 1932. With ten regional offices, Messer’s impressive buildings include hospitals, educational facilities, aviation, arts & entertainment, religious, historic renovations, non-profit, industrial and commercial organizations.  While renowned for their construction, Messer was struggling with their backlog of IT projects and a fixed number of resources to meet demand.

In this blog post, you will read about how Messer Construction implemented Projectric’s PPM solution to achieve a better means of qualifying business value, prioritizing projects, utilizing resources and communicating project status within the organization.

Quick And Easy Solution

Messer had been fighting the challenge of meeting business needs with fixed resources. As such, they did not have the capacity or energy for a long or costly implementation. After an enthusiastic endorsement from another company based in Cincinnati, OH, Messer discovered that Projectric could provide the benefits they needed in a solution that was:

  • Hosted
  • Low cost and low risk
  • Easy to implement and easy to use
  • Quick to return an investment

Gary Thomas, Director of Business Technology Services for Messer, was able to implement Projectric in just a few weeks while still handling his other responsibilities. He relates that Projectric provides the “right tool set” for middle market companies.  

“Projectric is a solution that provides low entry costs, virtually no maintenance, and instant visibility to the project portfolio. Implementation was straightforward and quick. Projectric pays for itself immediately.”

Mr. Thomas continued, “Projectric fills a significant gap in the software market. Most packaged portfolio management solutions are geared to large Fortune 500 companies and do not scale well to mid-sized operations. Until [we found] Projectric our best alternative was costly custom developed solutions.”

Projectric Helps Align IT Efforts with Business Goals

Messer’s use of Projectric has helped IT to ensure that efforts accurately match up with business goals. Instead of making assumptions, each project is clearly aligned at the highest level.  Says Thomas, “The dashboard views provide a quick and easy way to take a pulse of what is happening. With Projectric we are able to map precisely which business plan goals each project supports.” He continues, “In addition, we can track many other Messer-defined attributes of our portfolio, providing the ability to accurately balance our investment in technology projects against those values that are most important to Messer.”

Improved Communications

Another advantage Messer has realized is better communications and relations throughout the company. According to Thomas, “When demand exceeds capacity, there tends to be a perception of failure . . . not to mention the uncomfortable task of discerning one project over another. Projectric combined with good management practice provides a clear way to articulate the trade-offs in value, while promoting healthy discussions around IT resource capacity and deploying those resources to the most important projects in the company.”

Messer’s team of Projectric users readily accepted their role in the process and is enthusiastic about how the solution has helped them toward their goal of increasing business value for the company.

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