Who is Projectric and what are our key capabilities that will help you?

Projectric is a cloud-based Project Portfolio Management (PPM) solution that provides a top-down view of your full portfolio of projects. With features such as real-time project management dashboards, resource management tools, easy-to-understand charts and customizable scoring settings, Projectric enables you to quickly understand the status and impact of your projects so that your organization can function more efficiently.

An Overview of the Projectric Project Portfolio Management Solution

In a business landscape that demands transformation and innovation at a rapid pace, organizations must automate processes, maintain existing IT infrastructure and oversee the roll-out and migration of new systems – or risk falling behind the competition.

Managing IT Project Portfolios as a corporate asset requires more than just a project management tool.

Projectric is a cloud-based PPM solution that identifies the right projects for approval, allocates and manages resources, and provides insight into these initiatives.


Manage the IT portfolio like an investment

Secure, enterprise-ready PPM delivers transparency and governance

Proactive management of the portfolio

Focus on value and portfolio goals

Support stakeholders throughout the organization

Projectric Delivers Portfolio Intelligence®

Portfolio Intelligence® is the transformation of project and program data into relevant, actionable information for making business decisions. Projectric presents portfolio-level KPIs and metrics via dashboards and graphs to key decision makers. This unparalleled insight provides assurance that your corporate initiatives have the transparency and governance necessary for your business to quickly adapt and succeed.


Allows you to forecast the impact of your portfolio against strategic goals and to measure the actual impact.


Powerful reporting and graphical features provide transparency across the organization.

Project Lifecycle

Portfolio Intelligence’s signature lifecycle and workflow process organizes and guides projects through a tracking and decision making process from initial idea to finished work.

Project Tagging

Easily add metadata tags to your projects to support analysis and reporting.


Simple to roll out, accessible anywhere.


Let stakeholders know when key milestones are met, or timelines are in jeopardy before they are missed.

Real Time Portfolio “Health Analysis”

No longer need to use excel to see the progress of projects.

Resource Tracking

Gain insight into real-time resource utilization across all projects and programs in your portfolios.

Issue Tracking

Issues flagged across portfolio.

Drill Down

To the phase, task, or milestone level of any project in the portfolio.


128 bit SSL encryption supports users across the organization.

There it is – a list of our features.

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