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Nimble, Projectric's latest version, is a disruptor to the traditional project management landscape. It provides users, Simplicity, Visibility and Data-driven Analytics to take action.

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  • In three clicks or less, empower users to Act and make business decisions with data-driven information.
  • Empower users to Act, provide information to make data driven business decisions by transforming operational data to meaningful Insights and continuously improve the process.
  • Our customer driven focus, helps teams measure, drive and improve their overall business performance.
  • We Simplify the project management process, provide easy accessibility, such that all information needed is in a Central location.


  • dashboard Dashboard

    An overview view of all activities and projects in flight.

  • dashboard Budget

    View financial metrics and track financial performance.

  • dashboard Project Scoring

    Proprietary tool that helps companies prioritize projects.

  • dashboard Reporting

    Ability to display perform metrics.

  • dashboard Project Dashboard

    A snapshot into specific metric that drive project results.

  • dashboard Time Sheet

    Provide time entry capabilities

  • dashboard Scheduling

    Provides visibility into a resources availability, utilization and projects they are assigned too.

  • dashboard Board & Gannt View

    View progress of tasks in a Kanban(Board) or via Gannt Chart .

  • dashboard People

    Manages the addition/ removal of people to a company couples with their Role, Key Skill, Experience level and information relevant to that person

Our Solution

We believe in delivering the best in all we do!

Project Visibility

Project and portfolio visibility is an essential capability for any well-run project. Projectric enables PPMs to prioritize, measure, manage, and align projects. Projectric removes project portfolio managers’ pain of constantly trying to keep a pulse on their projects and portfolios with simple and easy to use tools to give you the pulse of portfolio. Projectric simplifies project visibility by offering real-time reporting, dashboards, and scorecards. Projectric’s customizable project health dashboard enables stakeholders to track risks, responsibilities, and project goals clearly and quickly, helping PPMs to go beyond status reports. Using Projectric’s powerful resources, your answers are always only three clicks away.


Project Prioritization is rightly the first and one of the most impactful components of the PPM process. Projectric’s scoring features enable you to quickly and easily prioritize projects based on metrics such as revenue increase, strategic fit, mission criticality and more. This process weeds out the nice-to-have projects from the critical projects and can surface projects that deliver the best value. When the project is over, Projectric enables you to compare forecasts to actual results so your team can fine-tune your scoring.

Performance Tracking

With Projectric, managers and employees can quickly discover and track how a project or a portfolio is going by gaining insights from continuously updated real-time reports and dashboards that instantly let you know where your projects and portfolios are. The result: Projectric enables you to make data-driven decisions and identify trouble spots before they become problems.


Projectric’s reporting capabilities include project status, project health, and report history. With three clicks or less, you can report on project dates, budgets, current actuals and overall status. Our Health Report gives an overall view of the health for all projects all portfolios. All reports are updated in real time to ensure there are no surprises.

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Client Testimonials

What Users are Saying About Our Project Management Systems

The future of Project Management is Projectric

Prioritizes projects and sends them to a single project portfolio
software tool with the most modern specifications.

Derrick O

The best software for managing your projects

I am able to create tasks and also prioritize the most important ones. I can upload documents just by a click of a button and budget on my projects as well. The software has made it easy for me to track and forecast on my ROI hence I am able to work on my risks.

Njeri T

Great product

It helps a lot with prioritizing projects from a financial overall perspective as well as provides great ad hoc reporting that ties financial data with the project detail level data. There is nothing that I don’t like about this product.

Odeta from G7 Tech Services